About Us

We are a new private organization that is funded solely by volunteers and sponsors.  We depend on the generosity of private individuals and their support of our veterans to help us give them hope and a new path in life.  Currently we are focused on partnering and gaining the support of diver training centers across the globe to support military combat veterans.  We invite members of the public wishing to learn to dive to train with our partners and then taking those heavily discounted or zero profit preferred rates to put towards training the military combat veterans.

In the future we hope to build several areas of funding including an online shop where we shall shall branded goodies and gift cards where you can buy a package for a veteran of your choosing or let us pick for you.

We recently held a fund raising trip to Egypt where we took 12 supporters and 3 combat veterans to Egypt to dive the Northern wrecks of Hurghada and the Straits of Tehran.  During the trip the instructor and dive master time was strictly voluntary and we were able to prepare the veterans and sponsors with diver training for Advanced Open Water and specialties including Deep, Wreck, Nitrox and DPV so that they were well prepared for the adventures that awaited them on the liveaboard.

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