Wayne Miller, Founder of Trident Warriors

PADI Master Scuba Diver Instructor

Wayne Miller is British born but lives in the USA, he served as a soldier in the British Army and is a former combat veteran having served 3 operational combat tours in The gulf War, Nothern Ireland and Bosnia. He is the founder of Trident Warriors and started diving in 1992 with the BSAC club in Lisburn, Northern Ireland because he felt that he needed something therapeutic to keep his demons at bay. He has since progressed to a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer. His favourite specialties to teach as an instructor are Deep, DPV, Wreck, Nitrox and Peak Performance Buoyancy. He is also an avid TDI Technical diver and has a passion for his ISC Megalodon CCR rebreather which he loves to jump in the water with no matter the depth or dive time to allow him to build on his diving skills.

He became an instructor following Covid as he realized that his work was slowing down and felt that it was the perfect time for him to pull back a bit with work in his field as a Cyber Security consultant and focus more on giving back to the communities. He is volunteering with his local Fire department in the USA in their Diver Search and Recovery unit but his real passion is building the Trident Warrior program to make it a global effort for veterans from all over the world and give back to veterans that have served, especially those that were in combat operations as he is very familiar with the therapeutic properties of scuba diving.

Wayne first arrived in Utila in 2020 when he led a small group of divers on an exploratory trip to discover both Roatan and Utila to look for great places to bring divers and for a company that could train him to the standards that he is accustomed to as a former soldier. He found that preciseness and professionalism at Utila Dive Center and is thrilled to be part of a special class of instructors where no corners were cut and it was nothing short of hard work with high gain.

He loves the small island feel of Utila, how the locals and the tourists all interact with each other. It is an exceptionally safe place to visit with high quality diver training and a hell of a lot of fun when you take the instructor hat off and put on the fun times hat. Everybody is so warm and welcoming and age nor status has no real place here, we are all divers that share a passion for learning, sharing our knowledge and taking care of our amazing ocean. He feels that we can never do enough for our oceans nor our veterans. We owe so much to both of them.

Please consider helping me by joining Trident Warriors as a sponsor, supporter, volunteer or veteran. He would love to hear from you.