After years of not being able to dive due to medical issues, my time came a few years ago (2019) to start my scuba journey. My dream trip was always the Red Sea but never saw it as a possibility, but also saw it as an ‘advanced’ trip. Last year (2022) a scuba diving friend who was going on a Red Sea/Egypt trip mentioned to me there was an opening and to get in touch with Wayne at Trident Warriors.

Not knowing much or anything about Trident Warriors, he explained what Trident Warriors was about, what his mission and goals were (training/teaching former combat veterans how to dive and certifying them) and of course, about the upcoming trip he had planned for a 10 day liveaboard in the Red Sea. We had 3 former combat veterans on our trip (including Wayne) and was honestly the trip of a lifetime, not only because of just being in the Red Sea for nearly two weeks, but for the lifelong friends that I made on that trip, the comradery¬†we had, the feeling of teamwork and everyone looking out for each other, and the crazy amount of experience, skills, and training around me and application of everything we learned, over and over. I learned more in two weeks than it would’ve taken me in years to learn and experience. The few days prior to getting on the liveaboard, Wayne taught and certified some of us in the areas that we needed to make the dives in the Red Sea and throughout the dives on trip repeatedly, which was fantastic…we repeated things we learned until they were second nature (and honestly, post-trip, have the confidence to apply everything I learned anywhere on future dives).

Waynes friendly and fun loving personality, attention to detail, making sure everyone is always safe and his ability to planning awesome dive trips, not to mention making these trips affordable, makes for the best dive trips you could ask for, or even better, beyond expectation. You’re missing out if you don’t join Trident Warriors on any upcoming trips but also, the contribution you’re making by joining and being around these former combat vets. The calmness of scuba diving helps these vets as well as interacting with some of us civilians enriches all of us and Wayne makes it all happen. I’m so incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with Wayne and will always choose a trip organized by Wayne/Trident Warriors over others because I know he’ll put his heart and soul into making his trip(s), the best and most successful.

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