For my first live-aboard, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than what I had with Trident Warriors. Those who know Wayne know that he’s attentive, inclusive, honest, fun, and always there to offer you insights to help you be a better diver. After the trip, I daresay all of us are better divers after having learned from him and getting extra certs. Wayne seems to have endless knowledge, and on what he doesn’t know, he freely admits it and then his OCD kicks in ? and makes him research the topic until he understands it all. Trident Warriors is off to a great start with Wayne at the helm. I have no doubt any vet who learns to dive with Wayne will thoroughly enjoy the sport safely and confidently. If any of my vet friends feel they need a new outlet or are in need of a support structure different than what you’ve had in the past, definitely reach out to Trident Warriors and get yourself certified for free!

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